Located in the heart of Brookfield, CT, St. Joseph Catholic Academy, formerly St. Joseph School, is a Diocese of Bridgeport school. We opened our new doors in August 2018 to approximately 100 students and their families. The foundation of our innovative personalized multi-age education provides students an opportunity to grow in faith and knowledge as they develop the confidence to master the necessary skills to become caring leaders.  


St. Joseph Catholic Academy consciously focuses on meeting the standards defined by the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools:


With Christ as the cornerstone, our school charism offers a nurturing yet challenging experience for students to experience living the Gospel values.  To achieve our mission, the school offers opportunities for students to become leaders in the classroom and in the parish community by identifying our beliefs and how to live the Gospel values. See below to learn more about how we instill these values.

Faith in God

We believe that faith, being a gift from God, is a trusting, personal, and loving relationship with Him. It helps us to accept and do His will in the world. Students are encouraged to be accepting of each other at all times.


Our Mission

Saint Joseph Catholic Academy provides a safe, nurturing, and spiritual environment where students achieve academic excellence through diversified learning. With Christ as the cornerstone, students experience an education founded on core values. In collaboration with parents and community, students become life-long learners, develop technological skills, and strive toward a life of faith.

Saint Joseph Catholic Academy

5 Obtuse Hill Road, Brookfield CT


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