Governance Model

Under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools and the Office of the Bishop, St. Joseph Catholic Academy has a Board of Directors that offers leadership in fostering an environment that provides underlying Catholic values, long-term strategic planning and financial stability. The role of the School Board of Directors complements the school’s mission which is to nurture and foster the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and social growth of the student through its religious and academic curriculum and extracurricular programs. The Head of School is a member the the Board of Directors and assists them with fulfilling their responsibilities in the areas of strategic planning, finance, facilities, marketing and development activities.


Under the Supervision of the Head of School and the Superintendent of Schools, the Director of Education is the instructional coordinator and is responsible for the effectiveness of our integrated multi-age personalized faith-based curriculum, teacher effectiveness and professional development, mentoring new teachers, managing school and classroom resources, overseeing daily routine, parent communication, academic and social calendar staying in compliance with the local Board of Education and authorities.

The Head of School and the Director of Education recommends Board of Director members to the Office of the Bishop and to the Superintendent of Schools. All Board of Directors members are expected to comply with the Diocesan Manual for School Board of Directors.

Director of Education

                                                         Dear Prospective Families,

                                                         The St. Joseph Catholic Academy charism embodies the spirit and vision of our mission  through                                                            exciting, challenging opportunities that enable students to discover, achieve and explore as they                                                            prepare for high school and beyond.

                                                         Our dedicated staff and teachers are committed to ensuring that every student not only succeeds but exceeds their own expectations in an inspiring, rigorous academic and extra-curricular learning environment. As a Christ-centered school, St. Joseph Catholic Academy provides students an opportunity to grow in their faith and to serve others. We welcome students of all faiths, believing that conscious reflection leads to spiritual maturity and commitment to serve others.

The size of our school community and our enriched multi-age, multi-grade personalized blended learning approach enables us to focus on providing innovative programs that encourage students to be involved and self-directed.

We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare children age 3 through age 14 to be critically thoughtful, intelligent, faith-filled leaders. I invite you to peruse our website and to visit our school to learn about how St. Joseph Catholic Academy develops students to become faith-based, caring leaders.

Pam Fallon

Director of Education

Our Mission

Saint Joseph Catholic Academy provides a safe, nurturing, and spiritual environment where students achieve academic excellence through diversified learning. With Christ as the cornerstone, students experience an education founded on core values. In collaboration with parents and community, students become life-long learners, develop technological skills, and strive toward a life of faith.

Saint Joseph Catholic Academy

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