St. Joseph Catholic Academy enrolls 100 students, 49% male and 51% female. Approximately 60%of our student body resides in Brookfield and the remainder in three surrounding Bethel, Newtown, New Fairfield and Bridgewater towns. The maximum capacity of students using the multi-age, multi grade educational model is 150 students.


Our community shares the mission of the family and the Church.  The St. Joseph Church Pastor, Rev. George F. O’Neill supports the school’s mission, welcomes families to become involved in both the school and Church ministries, guides teachers and families with preparing for the sacraments and hosts weekly teaching Masses for the students.


We believe that parents are the primary educators of their child and that we are here to help carry out their primary duty.  We serve as a ministry our our St Joseph Parish and the Diocese of Bridgeport so that our students grow in their faith.


Family and supportive relationships are the heart of our school community.  Along with establishing high academic standards, we cultivate respectful relationships among students, parents and teachers. By maintaining a cooperative alliance with parents and with St. Joseph Church ministries, we are able to provide a nurturing and spiritual learning community where every student achieves academic excellence through personalized learning.  


Parents take an active role in the school and in their child’s education. In addition to chairing fundraising campaigns, parents volunteer their time in the classroom, special events and field trips.  We know that by providing active parent engagement opportunities, our students will feel supported in their journey to succeed personally, spiritually and academically.

Our Mission

Saint Joseph Catholic Academy provides a safe, nurturing, and spiritual environment where students achieve academic excellence through diversified learning. With Christ as the cornerstone, students experience an education founded on core values. In collaboration with parents and community, students become life-long learners, develop technological skills, and strive toward a life of faith.

Saint Joseph Catholic Academy

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