Academic Overview
State requirements and the Bridgeport Diocesan Policies regulate the basic curriculum of Saint Joseph School. It consists of Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Computer, and Physical Education for all students.

Across the curriculum, emphasis is placed on flexibility, sensitive to and focusing on the individual needs of each child.

A core curriculum with emphasis in Language Arts (Reading , English, Spelling, Writing) and Math is provided for the students in grades Kindergarten to Grade 5. The children move from this self-contained environment for Gym, Art, Music and Computer instruction. All Children in grades K are introduced to Spanish through weekly Spanish classes.

A middle school atmosphere is provided in Grades 6-8 as the children change classrooms for all subject areas. In addition, students begin a Literature based Reading Program and Spanish as part of their core curriculum. Grades 7-8 students who demonstrate superior math skills are placed in either Pre-Algebra or Algebra.

An overall view of the curriculum is available from the school office. The Diocese of Bridgeport has mapped curriculum for the Catholic Schools throughout the Diocese for Grades K-8. Curriculum Maps are available for all subject areas through the Diocesean website.

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