"Lent stimulates us to let the Word of God penetrate our life and in this way to know the fundamental truth: who we are, where we come from, where we must go, what path we must take in life." - Pope Benedict XVI

WTHN's Kevin Arnone and the Mobile Weather Lab visited Saint Joseph School on Thursday. Thank you to Mrs. Hawker for arranging an exciting opportunity for our students.
Thank you to Mrs. Benzing and her 7th grade class for teaching the school about "Pi."
Pi = 3.14159265358979323846... Mrs. Benzing and her 7th graders taught the students how Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

In addition, many 7th graders celebrated "Pi" day with a "Pie" eating contest. Congratulations to Stephen Gillen for finishing his "pie" first!

The SJS Auction was a complete success. Armando's Restaurant was amazing! We enjoyed a delicious meal, conversations filled with laughter, and an appreciation for our loving community.

Congratulations to Grade 2 for winning the auction contest! We had 15 parents attend the auction from 2nd grade! Therefore, grade 2 wins a popsicle party and dress down pass!

The Auction is our largest fundraiser. It takes months of preparation. The volunteers who organized this event deserve a huge pat on the back. On behalf of the Saint Joseph School Community, thank you to:

Theresa Mitchell - Chair
Sue Reitz - #1 Assistant to the Chair
Tina & Jeff Ross - Wine Wheel
David Mitchell - Documenting wine for wine wheel
Charlotte and Ray Hallock - Auction books, helping with class projects, flyers, and the list goes on
Amy Capillupi - Check In/Check Out
Tracey Pertoso - Check in/Check Out
Salina Tropeano - Setup, packages, sales (beads, mojito, etc) and overall coordination night of auction
Jen Conlon - Sales (beads, mojito, etc)
Abigail Adams - Decorations
Bob Goodman - Auctioneer
Jeanne Goodman - Packages, setup that day and support night of

David Mitchell - holding down the Mitchell household while Mrs. Mitchell focused on auction!
David Reitz - holding down the Reitz household while Mrs. Reitz focued on the auction!

Congratulations to the following grades for obtaining the most stickers in the cafeteria for great behavior, a clean table, and clean floor!

Grade 2
Grade 3
Grades 6 - 8 tied

Each class earned (3) Dress Down Days and (3) 20 minute extra recess periods!

Thank you to all our students for caring about SJS!
The School Finance Department is currently structured under the Bridgeport Diocesan School Corporation. Effective June 30, 2015, there will be changes. Each school will hire their own bookkeeper to provide the following services:
Tuition and Fees Collection
Tuition Assistance Applications
Preparation of Bank Deposits and Record Receipts
Preparation of Bi-Weekly Payroll

To learn more about the School Bookkeeping position, please click the link below and share it with qualified candidates.

School Bookkeeper Position
March 27th - 7th and 8th grade dance at St. Mary's
March 27th - End of third marking period
March 31st - Facts Tuition Assistance Applications Due
April 2nd - Holy Thursday, No School
April 3rd - Good Friday, No School
April 5th - Happy Easter!
April 6th - Easter Monday, No School
April 7th - Report Cards Go Home
April 13th - April 17th - April Vacation - No School

The SJS enrollment reached 178 this week. Our goal is 210+ students. Kindergarten and Grade 5 are just one student away from a waiting list. Tuition assistance is available for qualifying families through the Bishop's Scholarship Fund. In order to be considered for tuition assistance, you must fill out an online application. Please use the following link to create a new account for tuition assistance.

The SJS Staff is committed to providing a safe environment for our students. Over the past week, numerous emails were sent about updating Virtus and Background Checks. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Valzania at

We always look for opportunities to educate our students about safety. Please talk to your children about internet safety, including emails and text messages.

In addition, ask your child what he/ she would do if a stranger wanted to take a photograph of them. How would they handle it? What would they do? Develop a plan with your child. Safety First!

Thank you - Auction Committee

A Very Special "Good Luck" to all our OM teams who will compete on Saturday, March 21st!!!


Inclement Weather Days 2014-15

See the chart below indicating our snow days and make-up days for the 2014-2015 school year. With each inclement weather day, we will continue to move down the chart until April vacation dates are removed.

If we continue to experience additional inclement weather days, we will revisit 8th grade graduation, and make-up dates for the 8th grade students.

Last Day of School
For Students
1 11/25/2014 June 15 June 15
2 01/09/2015 June 16 June 16
3 01/27/2015 June 17 June 17
4 02/02/2015 June 18 June 18
5 02/09/2015 June 19 June 19
6 03/05/2015 June 22 June 22
7 June 23 June 23
8 June 24 June 24
9 June 25 June 25
10 June 26 June 26
11 April 13 June 26
12 April 14 June 26
13 April 15 June 26
14 April 16 June 26
15 April 17 June 26

SJS Spiritwear

Orders are currently being taken for SJS Spiritwear! We have a number of great items for sale:

  • Canvas Tote
  • Raincoat
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Sweatshirts - both crewneck and hoodies
  • Dri-wick T-shirts - both long and short sleeve
  • Flannel PJ Pants in navy and silver
  • Baseball caps

Virtus Training

All Volunteers at St. Joseph School must attend a Virtus training session. If you have previously attended a Virtus Training course, you do not have to attend antother. A list of the Virtus training programs can be found on the Virtus website.

Virtus Recertification - MARCH 31ST DEADLINE

The Diocese of Bridgeport is requiring that all Virtus trained individuals be re-certified EVERY 5 YEARS.

The good news is, it can be done online from the comfort of your own home, and it only takes about an hour. You do this by logging onto your Virtus account ( and "attending" the Virtus re-certification course provided. Upon completion of the course, you will be issued a new Virtus Certificate. Please print it, and send it to the main office, attention: Kim. This re-certification is for ALL individuals who received Virtus training 5 or more years ago. After the Virtus session online, you will be prompted to order a renewal of your background check. If you are required to be re-certified, you must do so by March 31, 2015 in order to continue volunteering at Saint Joseph School.

There are several attachments to this e-mail. Please be sure to read them through as they provide important instructions for re-certification, and the necessary forms.

Re-certification instruction sheet

Bishop's Letter

Volunteer Sign-Off - Must be returned to the school

Safe Environment Handbook

Instruction sheet for anyone NOT YET VIRTUS CERTIFIED.

More information:

Thank you for your prompt attention to this re-certification process. The safety of our children depends on the pro-activity of our volunteers, administrators, staff members, and teachers.


Save the Date


Friday, March 27th

Concessions, Homemade Baked Goods, Raffles & Prizes! Family fun night, bring friends & family - all are invited! If you have run or set up a Bingo event and would like to help Please contact Sue Reitz at:

Homework Club

Homework Club is an excellent opportunity for your child to work on their daily assignments in a quiet environment. The Homework Club will meet Monday – Thursday from 3:15 – 4:30. Homework Club is not private tutoring, but is monitored by a certified Saint Joseph staff member. The staff member will circulate the classroom, answer questions, and help the students with organization and prioritizing skills.

In some instances, all homework assignments are not completed during Homework Club. When this occurs, homework must be completed at home.

Please complete the downloadable calendar below, and return it to Nancy Rubino. This year, drop-ins are welcome with a parent note. Homework Club costs $11 dollars per day. If you are unable to pick-up your child at 4:30, he/she will join the After Care Club. You will be billed accordingly. Aftercare Club will cost $15 dollars from 4:30 – 6:00.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Rubino

March Homework Club Registration

SCRIP is accepting orders for the 2014-15 school year.

SCRIP orders are due by 10am each Friday for pickup on the following Friday. Pickup of the cards is the following Friday from 3:00-3:30 outside the school office. Can't make it to the school for distribution time. No worries- we can work out a time to meet you that better fits your schedule. Or take advantage of SCRIPNOW! an online printable version of a gift certificate that will be sent to your 'Inbox', within 30 minutes from the transaction, that you can print use immediately.

If you are interested in purchasing SCRIP cards and would like to set up an account, see our Donation Opportunities page or contact anyone from the SCRIP team for information: Tina Ross.

New to SCRIP?

Scrip is a gift card purchasing program that generates funds directly to SJS with each purchase. You pay the face value of the card or e-card (SCRIP now) and SJS receives a predetermined percentage back from SCRIP organizers for your purchase. Each purchase you make through the SCRIP link below benefits SJS. It's really that simple. SJS families have generated thousands of dollars each year for our children with this passive fundraiser!

SCRIP Facts…

  • WHO: Scrip is available to SJS families, their friends, faculty and staff

  • WHAT: Purchase gift cards for retailers that you use every day. Thousands of retailers nationwide participate in the SCRIP program. Grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, hotels, AMEX, and many popular retailers like LANDS END, GAP, STEWS, DUNKIN DONUTS and TARGET to name a few.

  • WHERE: On-line at

  • WHY: An easy way to raise funds for our school!!

  • WHEN: Orders may be placed 24/7 at ScripNow! certificates and reloads of previously purchased SCRIP cards are printed at home and ready almost instantly. You receive "hard cards" during distribution which takes place each Friday at SJS.

  • HOW: A family account must be set up on the SCRIP website in order for SJS to receive the benefits. Just follow the steps at to set up a user profile and a Presto-Pay account. (Please note a Presto-Pay account must also be set up to ensure quick & easy payment processing.) The SJS enrollment code is 65LCLD722LL12.

  • EXAMPLE: Purchase $250 in Lands End gift cards. A 16% ($40) rebate will be sent back to the school.*

Purchase throughout the school year and the rebates add up!

Questions…Please contact Tina Ross at

Simple Ways to Earn for Our School at NO COST TO YOU!!!

See the Donation Opportunities page for details

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