Little Flowers Girls' Club

The Little Flowers Girls' Club® is a program for girls who, together with their moms, want to grow in beauty in the sight of the Lord by learning and practicing Catholic virtues such as hope, truthfulness, perseverance and cheerfulness. Virtues are learned through lively presentations, crafts and activities incorporating the lives of the saints and scripture.

Each year a "wreath" of flowers is worked on, where each flower represents a different virtue. Badges for the virtues are earned by completing activities at home. The badges are worn on a blue sash.

Mothers are involved by attending the monthly meeting with their daughters and by helping their daughters with the at-home activities. Mothers can take an active role by being the presenter of the virtue-of-the-month, organizing a craft or activity or by helping with the end-of-year tea party.

The program is currently open to girls in grades K-6. Little Flowers meets September through June, generally the first Thursday of the month 6:30-7:30 pm in the school library.

For further information, please see the information and registration packet link below or contact:
Susan Lovell at

Information and Registration Packet 2015-16


Meeting are typically the first Thursday of the month (except January and April).

**Dates can sometimes change, do to the weather or unforeseen conflict with the school schedule.
You will be advised in advance of any changes that occur.

Date Virtue Saint
September 17 Faith St. Catherine of Siena
October 1 HOpe St. Monica
November 5 Love of God St. Agnes
November Rake and Bake • (date to be announcedby Handy Dandy Handyman - Peter Brady)
December 3 Love of Our Neighbor St. Jane Frances de Chantal
December "Christmas Cheer" - Date to be determined
January 7 Obedience St. Joan of Arc
February 4 Piety St. Cecelia
March 3 Humility St. catherine Laboure
March Little Flowers Sleepover Lenten Retreat
(date to be announced)
April 7 Industry St. Francis Xavier Cabrini
May 1 May Crowning after Friday morning Mass (SJS Students only)
May Memorial Day Parade - Open to all families
TBD Tea party or diner and a movie
June 2 Annual "come and see" meeting for friends and neighbors

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