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Alumni Testimonials

I learned to help others and be there for those in times of need. Attending St. Joseph School taught me strong Christian values, which provided me with the foundation and spirituality, in my daily life today. The religious teachings I received has given me a stronger connection to God.
Gary Grambling – Class of 1968
My oldest memories are of Saint Joseph School; from riding the bus with the older kids, to playing wall ball on the black top, to going undefeated (twice) on the school basketball team. Saint Joseph School gave me the education and spiritual foundation that I will build on through college and life.
Brendan Bader - Class of 2006
I realize that my parents had many choices on where they could have sent me to elementary school, but I am fortunate that their decision was to send me to St. Joseph Catholic School, Brookfield, CT...Experiencing a Catholic school education allowed me to be connected to both God and the Church, prepared me intellectually, and boosted my development in morality and decency...
Tim Fiddler - Class of 2008

I was blessed with the gift of attending St. Joseph School, Brookfield, CT from 6th-8th grade. My experiences were life changing and true to the mission of the school.  I was welcomed with kindness and challenged and motivated to reach my full potential academically, athletically, and spiritually. The values and work ethic instilled in me from my time at St. Joseph School gave me the needed tools to succeed at Canterbury School, New Milford, CT (Class of '91), Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN (Chemical Engineering Class of '95) and in my 15+ year Project Management career in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

My husband Joe and I are proud parents of three sons, Sean 4th grade, Ryan 2nd grade & Paul Kindergarten who all attend St, Joseph School.  The academics and specials (Art, Computer, Music & Physical Education) at St. Joseph School are outstanding and the faculty is caring and committed. The curriculum now includes Spanish from pre-k to 8th grade.  Technology is current with laptop computers and smart boards. Most importantly, the school is true to its mission in fostering spiritual growth.

Nicole Duff DeSantis, Class of 1987

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