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Saint Joseph School welcomes all children to the school who desire to obtain a Catholic school education and whose needs the school can meet. To determine if the child and the school are a “good match”, the following procedures are helpful; a visit to the school, and appointment with the principal and undertaking a screening process, if necessary.


Registration will be ongoing. Birth Certificate and Immunization Records are needed for registration.

There is a Non-refundable Fee of $150.00 per family.
For further information please call Saint Joseph School at 203-775-2774.

Click Here for 2015-2016 Registration Forms (Adobe Acrobat Required)

The form may be filled out online, printed, signed and sent to SJS with the registration fee either by mail or hand delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dress code at St. Joseph School?

St. Joseph School requires a uniform for all students in grades K through 8. Girls are required to wear a jumper or skirt and an embroidered polo shirt. Boys are required to wear navy dress pants and an embroidered polo shirt. Optionally, navy blue dress shorts may be worn by both girls and boys in September, May and June. All students are also required to wear a gym uniform on gym days.

Can only Catholics attend St. Joseph School?

Although the school is founded on Roman Catholic faith, students do not need to be tied to a religion to attend Saint Joseph School. Our Catholic heritage includes a spiritual dimension that has a profound impact on students and teachers from all faiths and traditions. Indeed, a small percentage of our students are non-Catholic, a testament to the inclusive atmosphere here at our school, and the importance they, and their families, place on an education that fosters values and spiritual growth.

Where do St. Joseph School graduates go to high school?

St. Joseph students attend both private and public high schools in the area. The high school they attend is of their choosing, not ours. We have found that the transition from St. Joseph School to high school has been very easy for many of our graduates. St. Joseph School students have placed well in honors and advanced courses at the high school level. Immaculate High School, Brookfield High School, New Milford High School, Canterbury School, St. Paul School (Concord, New Hampshire), Holy Cross, and Taft School are just a few of the notable high schools our graduates go on to attend.

How much homework will we get?

Generally speaking, students in middle school will receive more homework than students in elementary school. The amount of homework given is up to your child’s teacher. Our academic standards are quite high, so students should expect homework every night during the school week.

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